Idea as Problem Solver

The need for a suitable platform to penetrate the markets with Additive Manufacturing technology is due to digitization of product data urgent and indispensable.


The erecoin platform is a decentralized blockchain solution focused on the transfer and exchange of digital 3D data and services. These transactions referred to as an “ensured relied environment”.

The erecoin platform focuses on the rapidly growing Additive Manufacturing industry and solves a variety of applications. Through the intensified use of available 3D printers and a safe and reliable infrastructure provided for customer experience with Additive Manufacturing, erecoin enables customers to fulfill their needs. This environment defines the erecoin platform by addressing legal constellations in the Additive Manufacturing process with the blockchain technology solutions in a symbiosis.

Erecoin is part of a flexible system that adapts to the needs of its users. The platform will work with significant amounts of data, categorize files and create conditions for collective transactions. The unique capabilities of erecoin are available to all platform customers.

ere ensured relied environment token

Vision of the erecoin platform

The erecoin platform will provide a global network of Additive Manufacturing for businesses and private users using blockchain technology for protecting intellectual properties and increasing availability of customized products.


  • The Additive Manufacturing process chain will be designed as blockchain solution transparently by CAE lab GmbH and will be available in two years for users of the erecoin platform.
  • Erecoin will reduce entry barriers for young companies and start ups in Additive Manufacturing industry and accelerate value generation by new products.
  • Erecoin protects efficiently and automatically the value of intellectual property in digital product data through smart contracts.
  • Product piracy and industrial espionage due to data loss and misuse will be reduced by using the erecoin platform and simplify transaction of product data for everyone.
  • Transparency of product development, creation and history of product data will be available to customers of erecoin platform.
  • Product certification will be essential part of Additive Manufacturing process supported by blockchain.
  • Realization of customer-specific products with small quantities will be economically reasonable. Customers of erecoin platform will be able to participate in living on demand by consuming individual design objects and products.
  • High stocks of low-demand-products can be addressed with Print on Demand by using erecoin platform. In fact environmentally friendly economy model will be improved.
  • Erecoin owners get a share in a fast-growing industry that is changing our world right now.


The potential of the project is growing continuously. The erecoin platform will increase the interest of potential customers, because of the high benefit and increase the coverage of services offered in the additive industry.

The main benefits of the erecoin platform are directly related to demand:

Space for design thoughts
The CAD data exchange community is a great place to bring engineers, developers, and designers of different profiles together. Creativity that generates income is the dream of every designer.

The erecoin platform is open to new ideas
Every user of the platform has the opportunity to offer his or her project.

Openness for new cooperation
The erecoin platform has functional capabilities. That can adopt to other areas of economic activity. The existing ability to share projects and apply smart contracts makes the erecoin platform extremely attractive to investors.

A significant increase in profits for service providers and developers
The simplification of contractual order design with Smart Contracts increases the order situation and reduces coordination negotiations. The erecoin platform creates partnerships for the selection of the best developers and service providers.

Reliable and valid information about the condition of the data offered
The user successfully accomplishes additive technology projects at a reasonable price.

The simplicity of the transaction with the erecoin platform
The production of a prototype requires suitable 3D files and qualified as well as suitable service providers in the creation chain. In the future, erecoin plans to use Smart Contracts at all stag