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THE SOLUTION Additive Manufacturing Additive manufacturing, commonly referred to as 3D manufacturing or additive manufacturing, is becoming increasingly important in industry. In particular in prototype construction, in components with a high degree of individualization or components with a complicated geometry, these production methods are used. But also in the production of end products, the extent … Read more



ECONOMIC MODEL The erecoin economic model is a circular economy that captures the value of the ecosystem and circulates it back to the ecosystem participants. It is the first meaningful use case that bridges the gap between traditional businesses that are operating in fiat and bringing that value into a digital economy with significant volumes. … Read more

Growth of Additive Manufacturing

Growth of additive manufacturing

The Additive Manufacturing industry has experienced a strong upswing in recent years, growing fivefold from 2008 to 2018. Currently, a further development up to a doubling of the market volume is expected until 2023. High revenue with additive products causes an increased demand from machine and material manufacturers. A proof of demand is the worldwide … Read more

Erecoin Road Map and Founders

Erecoin road map and founders

2018/02 Intensive market research and developing knowledge in the field of blockchain technology. Deep analysis of technical business cases for Additive Manufacturing in combination with blockchain technology. Understanding market needs and preparation of scenarios to implement using of blockchain in Additive Manufacturing. 2018/03 Preparation of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and development of an initial … Read more

Additive Manufacturing and Blockchain

Additive manufacturing and blockchain

The idea behind the erecoin system is to implement a transparent and secure transaction in Additive Manufacturing. The digitization of product development processes and the real value of digital data are of central importance. The flow of data between individual contract partners in Additive Manufacturing is simplified by platforms that use erecoin and secured with … Read more

Idea as Problem Solver

Idea as problem solver finance

The need for a suitable platform to penetrate the markets with Additive Manufacturing technology is due to digitization of product data urgent and indispensable. Erecoin The erecoin platform is a decentralized blockchain solution focused on the transfer and exchange of digital 3D data and services. These transactions referred to as an “ensured relied environment”. The … Read more

Range of Applications

Range of applications

Generative Manufacturing Methods or Additive Manufacturing is a rapidly growing industry. In the past eight years, the industry has undergone constant growth and has emancipated itself from the initial raison d’ĂȘtre of “prototyping”. Amongst other things, the high growth rate is due to the development of new interesting applications and new procedural techniques. In the … Read more

Erecoin Introduction

Erecoin Introduction

The erecoin platform is a symbiosis of Additive Manufacturing and Blockchain. Both technologies are currently changing the world. Blockchain applications fundamentally change, the financial economy and the additive manufacturing of real objects from digital content, freed of production-technical restrictions. Additive manufacturing is about to revolutionize the production landscape. New methods, materials, and design concepts are … Read more