Erecoin Introduction

The erecoin platform is a symbiosis of Additive Manufacturing and Blockchain. Both technologies are currently changing the world. Blockchain applications fundamentally change, the financial economy and the additive manufacturing of real objects from digital content, freed of production-technical restrictions. Additive manufacturing is about to revolutionize the production landscape. New methods, materials, and design concepts are already being created almost daily. In the near future, creating complex objects will be as natural as paper color printing on a computer at home.


A start-up goes into the race

As always, when new technologies conquer new markets, for the triumph of additive manufacturing it is necessary to tackle and master new challenges. The goal is to avoid making the same mistakes in the digital world of 3D print templates, as in the music industry, where intellectual property has not been effectively protected. The blockchain technology, with the possibility to conclude smart contracts, offers an opportunity to solve these legal and technical issues of the additive world.

Data exchange and rules on the usage of data are integrated into the blockchain. This creates an efficient, secure and unambiguous relationship of trust between all parties involved in the process chain; from the first digital sketch to the final individual product. Thus, the erecoin platform solves dependencies on economic and resource-rich centers and is a global and decentral accelerator of additive manufacturing. Individuals and companies, regardless of their geographical location, will be able to design, modify, buy and produce products using the erecoin platform.


Our mission is to make the increasingly complex world safer. We want to build efficient, clear and uncomplicated
transaction processes to help to establish Additive Manufacturing as a key manufacturing method in the future. The erecoin platform enables all people to participate in the rapidly growing market of Additive Manufacturing.
The erecoin platform designs security-oriented value creation processes by means of smart contracts. This platform secures intellectual property rights in Additive Manufacturing. The platform makes a significant contribution to resource efficiency in the future due to the use of additively manufactured products.

The handshake is past

Society is used to contract important agreements. Whether it is the purchase of a house, a job or the sale of a used car – a contract is quickly signed using a form or drafted by the notary. The industry is also accustomed to secure their business relationships contractually.

When it comes to extraordinary, valuable goods or long-term services, this will not be a problem in the future. However, if you want to contractually secure smaller units or size 1 products, it will be more difficult. Various industries, such as the publishing industry have been looking for a solution for a long time and are currently making bad experiences with micro-payment and co. hand-shake

“That’s not what I meant!” could also lead to more and more disagreement in the world of Additive Manufacturing in the future. Even more serious: There is already some restraint in very complex additive designs that pocessed usrevent the entire market from accelerating.

In order to avoid situations like these, Smart Contracts pring blockchain technology in the future. All parties involved have all contract details available. The use of cryptocurrency based data packages is particularly favorable for low volume production. In case of a dispute, neither lawyers nor courts have to be involved. Users of the Blockchain do not need to worry about security and industrial espionage. Agreements reduced to specific rules and applied to transactions.